Parthenon Dry Cleaners was started in 1967 by Manuel Vlissides. It was his passion, presence and personal attention that made Parthenon a household name. After Manuel passed away in 2017, his son, Yianni took over the business with the assistance of his sisters Maria and Sia. Sadly, Sia passed away in 2019 but she, too, left an indelible mark on Parthenon.

The world has changed a great deal in 50 years. Economic conditions and consumer needs have changed, and our business has evolved to include services to cater for these changes.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that we are a family business, with staff who are longstanding employees and a passion for building lasting relationships and customer satisfaction.

Just as our business has grown to include more of the Vlissides family, our customer base has grown to include more of our clients’ families!

Service Excellence

Quality and service are what set us apart from the pack, and ultimately lead to customer satisfaction.  We know people today not only have remarkably busy lifestyles but also changing needs.  It is our aim to adapt and meet those needs.

We understand that time is precious and we are therefore now offering a collection and delivery service.  We have also introduced a home cleaning division that is able to take down, remove for dry-cleaning, and rehang curtains.  This division also has the capacity to steam clean carpets and upholstery on-site, if conditions allow it.    

Stain Treatment and Removal

We have a great deal of experience in stain removal, and will do all that we are reasonably able to do to remove them.  While every reasonable attempt is made to remove stains, it is not always possible to do so due to factors beyond our control.  These factors include, but are not limited to, environmental conditions, nature and age of stain/s, composition of material/s, wear and tear and other risks. 

Please inform the check-in assistant of any stains on your garments and what caused them where possible as this will assist us in their removal.

The quicker stains are treated, the better the chance is of removing the stain, so get the garment to us as soon as possible.

Please do not try any home remedies to remove the stain as this may ultimately set the stain and we will not be able to remove it.

All garments are inspected prior to cleaning and all stains pre-treated and removed, if possible, prior to cleaning. If a stain is not completely removed after cleaning, they are treated again if it is considered safe to do so.


We use the best eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals from Bufa in Germany, and from Electrolux in Sweden for the wet clean system.

The chemicals used help us achieve the best possible results for you.


At Parthenon we employ some of the latest and eco-friendly technology available in dry cleaning and laundry today.

Our dry-cleaning machines are from Bowe in Germany. They have computer programs designed for the cleaning of different garments and fabric types. They also have the latest closed-circuit chilled solvent cleaning with continuous distillation, to ensure fresh clean solvent for every load, as well as active carbon filters for the absorption and removal of odours.

Our laundry and wet cleaning machines are from Electrolux in Sweden. Here, the load is first weighed in the machine. The machine then dispenses the correct amount of water, detergent and fabric protector for the cleaning process, thus minimising any waste of chemicals and water.

When it comes to finishing or pressing equipment, we use Veit form finishers and finishing tables. The form finishers, or mannequins, are adjustable to fit the size and shape of the garment, and with the use of air, steam and suction restore the original shape of the garment.

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